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BloodCenter of Wisconsin and San Diego Blood Bank introduce Celluvative, a portfolio of products and services designed to enable advances in cellular therapies. These leaders in cord blood banking and diagnostic laboratory testing combine properly sourced biological material, from diverse populations, with decades of clinical and contract laboratory medicine experience. Celluvative will serve biopharma, diagnostics and medical device industry, and academic researchers with blood and cell products, esoteric diagnostic testing, and clinical trial support.



Our experts in

Cell Sorting, Enrichment, Analysis, Banking
Cell Processing
Donor Recruitment
Hematology Diagnostics and Genetics
HLA Immunology and Typing
Quality/Regulatory Processes
Transfusion Medicine and Immunohematology

Help you with

Access to Characterized Samples
Clinical Interpretations and Medical Consultations
Custom Assay Development and Validation
Custom Reporting
IRB submission
Pre-clinical to Phase IV


We offer over 300 products and services ranging from ready to ship to fully customized.


Product Spotlight

Clearsate™ Human platelet lysate contains high concentrations of growth factors and cytokines that can support the growth and maintenance of a variety of cell types, including stem cells, lineage committed progenitor cells, normal somatic and malignant cell lines.
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